Stretch-i-sheet - SPA Treatment (60 sheets, 100ml)

For the youthfulness and tranquility around eyes and mouth,

             featuring SYN-AKE for elasticity and SYN -COLL for luster

>  Improving wrinkles around your eyes and mouth, which are most conspicuous parts of the body.

    Featuring SYN-AKE and SYN -COLL, the face regains the youth you once had.

>  With a variety of collagen, abundant moisture is provided deep into the pore.

>  Containing Placenta extract and arbutin, brightness and transparency would be recaptured.

>  Also, Asian ginseng extract and ginger root extract helps blood circulation, leading

    to the smooth skin. 

  Volume :

60 pcs (110ml)

  Retail Price in Japan: JPY5,775
  Product Weight: 225g
  Jan Code:  4544877503777

  Made in Japan

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