Keats Moist Pack

Keats Moist Pack - Skin Whitening Pack


Featuring rare Rose Honey to provide the skin with more transparent texture by exfoliating aging cuticles. From Keats Moist series for “Blessing of grains and plants” and “A Thing of Beauty is a joy forever”.


> Through the peeling by Rose Honey, gently but thoroughly, of the aging cuticles which can easily be the cause for the somber spots, the skin regains its natural smoothness and its rich colors.

> 15 types of plant-based moisture ingredients as well as 8 kinds of vitamins effectively reach the deep core of the cuticles, and providing much-needed moisture and nourishments.

> Shrouded by the subtle scent of Damask rose, you will find yourself in total relaxation.


Volume :80g

Retail Price in Japan: JPY4,860

Made in Japan


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