Shaku – Face Wash Brush

尺小鼻専用洗顔ブラシ クロズミドットトル ホワイト


Shaku – Face Wash Brush

尺小鼻専用洗顔ブラシクロズミドットトル ホワイト


Thorough cleansing of the bridge of the nose with the exclusive hair of squirrel

from the region of Kumano, Japan.


> Thin hair of squirrel of 0.02 – 0.04 mm (thinner than that of goat) is used for this brush

   to gently cleanse the skin deep into the pore.

> Keeping and respecting the tradition of Kumano region, each brush is hand-made

   by the craftsman over a period of one month towards its perfection.

> Within two weeks after starting using Shaku, once the crater-like surface of the skin would

   turn to now that of a tranquil lake on a sunny day.


Retail Price in Japan:          JPY2,100

Product Weight:                  100g

JAN Code:                          4535948002695

Made in Japan

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