Chuel – Ultimate Moisturizer for face and body

チュエル - 水溶性ゲル状保湿クリーム


Chuel – Ultimate Moisturizer for face and body.

チュエル - 水溶性ゲル状保湿クリーム


Towards the exquisite skin, almost like wearing platinum veil.


> 14 ingredients for moisturizing in one. Hyaluronic Acid, Bifida Ferment Lysate

   and all others for recapturing the smooth and elastic skin.

> For the rough and darker areas; elbow, knees, kneels, bottoms….you’ll see the difference

   after using over three days.

> Also, as toner, it would prepares for the condition for makeup. 


Volume:                                  180g  

Retail Price in Japan:              JPY2,940

Product Weight:                      230g

JAN Code:                              4580163532045



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