Monster Stretch Pack VC100



Monster Stretch Pack VC100



Three functions in one. Making the skin color brighter and skin holes getting less conspicuous while skin itself is getting more and more elastic.


> With ultra-particle clay made in Okinawa, Japan, the dirt inside the old cuticles

   will be thoroughly removed.

> After 10 minute packing, the difference of the texture of the skin is just obvious with now

   youthful surface. And by using the pack repeatedly, the skin holes are getting less and less

  “irregular”, and leading to the smooth tranquil surface.

> Providing moisture with hyaluronic acid while placenta extract would make the skin color

   more transparent. 


  Volume :                       120g

  Retail Price in Japan:    JPY4,410

  Product Weight:            160g

  JAN Code:                    4571300491011

  Made in Japan

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