FERNANDA - Fragrance Body Mist


Sometimes sexy, sometimes cute…every woman has her own scent and texture in the day and in the night like the waves of the ocean heading towards the shore. And which one would you choose today?


Featuring hyaluronic acid and collagen for moisture retention with its ultimate concept of Sexy & Cute. While it is named as Body Mist, it can be also used as hair cologne and even as room splay.

Also, look at the design of the bottle so inspirational and elegant while so decent and subtle, making your mood touching a higher sphere.

Balloon Patch Body - for rich beautiful breasts


Put the sheet of Balloon Patch Body during sleep to “nourish” the plain into the eloquent valley of marshmallow. The featured ingredients such as Pueraria mirifica and isoflavone would effectively work on the areas of your concern.