Skin Revolution - Night Care, White Rich



Skin Revolution - Night Care, White Rich, Medicated



Quick but through whitening for the skin. No need of expensive surgeries like laser skin-whitening. Effectively preventing the formation of melanin while providing all the beauty ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and arbutin.


> Also featuring Vitamin E and glycyrrhizin for smoothing the skin while making the pore less

   conspicuous, and therefore effectively treating the spots and freckles.

> Can be used on every part of body such as back, elbow, knees, and the effect will be  

   maximized by together using with toner and lotion.

> While originally developed for “Night Care”, it can also be used during the daytime,

   or even before the use of the UV protection cream.


  Volume :                        30g

  Retail Price in Japan:    JPY4,179

  Product Weight:            90g

  JAN Code:                    4560379210104

  Made in Japan

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