Keats Moist Soap 63g


Keats Moist Soap 63g


Relaxing the fatigued body and soul with the soothing smell of natural herb of lavender,

and cleansing the face deep into the pores while covering the skin all with beauty ingredients

towards the brighter and transparent complexion.


Charcoal with its porous characteristics absorbs the dirt on the skin, and also the beauty ingredients of over 20 kinds of natural extracts such as honey extract, royal jelly extract would gently provide the moisture deep into the skin.



 1. Put about 5mm of soap outside the container, soak that part of soap into the warm water

     so that it gets softer. Then apply the soap over the face.

 2. Gently massage the face while expanding the soap all over the face. Avoid the areas

     around the eyes.

 3. After massaging the face for about 20 seconds, wash the soap off with the warm water.


Volume :                                 63g

Retail Price in Japan:             JPY3,990

Product Weight:                     115g

JAN Code:                             4544877504590


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