Whitening Mineral Cover Liquid UV



Whitening Mineral Cover Liquid UV



Covering spots, freckles, rough skin…while blocking UV rays and providing moisture, with this Medicated UV liquid.


> Gently fitting the skin without feeling “thick” on the face, and smoothly covering persistent spots,    freckles and somber complexions.

> Making the skin color more transparent and tranquil for more natural and healthier expressions.

> Blocking the UV rays with “SPF37, PA++” which would protect the skin easily over 12 hours    

   against sweat and water.

> Contains ultra-particle minerals, rough skins would be smoothly covered, preparing

   for other makeup.

> Providing abundant moisture with various beauty ingredients such as hyaluronic acid

   and collagen as well as aloe extract.


  Volume :                    30g

  Retail Price in Japan:    JPY3,990

  Made in Japan

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