Allie - Extra UV Gel (Mineral Moist) N (90g)

カネボウ ALLIE アリィー エクストラUV ジェル (ミネラルモイスト)N 90g


Gel Type for face and body. Watery Texture, smoothly getting deep into the pore for the maximum effect. SPF50+ PA++++


> Preventing dryness on the skin, caused by the UV rays while providing abundant moisture.

> Water-proof type, adequately and efficiently used for sports as well as daily-life use.

> One-for-three: Lotion with hyaluronic acid for making the tranquil skin. Toner for preparing

   for the skin condition for make-up. Moisturizer with various mineral-rich ingredients.

> Can be easily washed off with daily-soaps.


Volume :                       90 g

Retail Price in Japan:   JPY2,940

Product Weight:           120g

Jan Code:                    4973167590836