BB Mineral Cream - Cleargino series

Winning Gold at Monde Selection, BB Mineral Cream from Cleargino series brings in the tranquility and exquisiteness to your skin.


All-in-One type BB cream.

> Cream:  Containing collagen, hyaluronic acid, peptide and etc, as well as a variety

   of fruit extract.

> Lotion: With arbutin (for whitening effect) and polyglutamic acid for moisturizing.

> UV Protection: Protecting the skin with SPF30, PA++

> Toner: Refreshing the skin, and making it smooth

> Foundation: Making the color of the sking whiter, brighter, and healthier.


> Fragrance-free, Color-free, Paraben-free


Volume : 

 30 g

Retail Price in Japan:    


Product Weight:



Natural & Ocre