Blanc: mage – Whitening Aqua Gel, Medicated

ブランマージュ 薬用ホワイトニング アクアゲル 145g 医薬部外品


Blanc: mage – Whitening Aqua Gel, Medicated

ブランマージュ薬用ホワイトニング アクアゲル 145g 医薬部外品


“Peeling” the spots and freckles caused by melanin with Peeling Aqua Gel towards the tranquil skin.  


> Old cuticles in the skin tend to absorb melanin more easily with ages, and therefore this

   Aqua Gel would directly get into pores to remove them while providing moisture.

> Fragrance-free. Color-free. Preservative-free.


  Volume :                        145g

  Retail Price in Japan:    JPY2,940

  Product Weight:            195g                                                    

  Jan Code:                     4571300491509



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