Raw Enzyme - Spa Treatment

Raw Enzyme as live as they can be with more than 80 of them,

   for better metabolism, sleep, diet, anti-aging, and for your life!


>  Enzyme, which decreases with ages, is also something which would very much affect

    the future course of your health and beauty. Raw Enzyme in the series of Spa Treatment    

    series would provide you with energy that you have once lost as well as changing

    the downward spiral of inevitable aging process.


>  What is common between obesity and aging is lack of stability of health, stamina

    and vitality, most of which could be attributed to the lack of enough enzyme

    in the body system. Now featuring polyphenol and galacto-oligosaccharide

    in this Raw Enzyme, youth and beauty are again brought back to you and your daily life!


>  Exclusively concentrating on the plants of Niigata-prefecture in Japan for the pure

    high-quality of plants in the mid-north of Japan, fermented beauty is now aligned

    in front of you in full force.


Volume :      3g x 30 pcs

Retail Price in Japan:      JPY7,560