Adolle SERIE – Face-drainage

アドール セリエ - フェイスドレナージュ


Adolle SERIE – Face-drainage

アドールセリエ - フェイスドレナージュ


Farewell to the sleepy round face, sagging cheeks, double chin, with this thermal face pack

from Adolle SERIE series.


> Before the surplus substances would cover the face persistently and permanently,

   all those patented beauty ingredients –Overliss, Phytosonic, Unislim, Remoduline,

   and Syn-Ake- decompose the unnecessary fat, and regaining the smooth shapes of the face.


> Also, for the thorough skin moisturization, royal jelly, honey, hyaluronic acid, collagen

   along with a variety of vegetable extracts, are richly contained.


Volume:                                  150g  

Retail Price in Japan:             JPY3,129

Product Weight:                     200g

JAN Code:                             4560247591250