Honey & Plum Extract 95g


Honey & Plum Extract 95g


Kishu, mid-south of Japan is well known for abundant plum production

      with high quality. With its extract, healthy plum drink is brought to you. 


> Boiling the compressed plum along with honey and sugar over two days,

   exclusive plum extract is made for the health essence.

> Put 4 – 6g of plum extract into the water or hot water. You can also add some honey

   or lemon for additional flavor.

> Just 20 – 25g of extract out of 1 kg is derived for its condensed vitamins and nutrition.

> Additive-free. Color-free. No-salt.


Volume :              95g

Product Weight:   220g

JAN Code:           4977412400017

MOQ:                  24 pcs

Made in Japan

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