Green Juice - Health drink made from barley

Green Juice - Health drink made from barley


Taken from the young leaves of barley into easily soluble powder in water, “Green Juice” helps keeping good health while supplementing the shortfall of vegetables.


> With its “natural” flavor and taste, almost like traditional Japanese Green Tea, it’s easy to take

   for everyone on an everyday basis.

> Containing a variety of vitamins and minerals in barley (and without using any agrichemicals),  

  100% pure Green Juice provides plenty of alimentary fiber and so-called “green and yellow  

  vegetables” which is vital for the daily energy.


<How to Drink>

Taking one sachet or two a day is recommended for maximizing the effect.

This is “food”, which can be taken (and eaten) at any time of the day. Put the powder of one sachet into about 100 cc of milk, water, yogurt and etc, stir it with a spoon so that the powder and the liquid are well mixed (if using a shaker, it will be even more tasty and with more flavor.


Volume: 3g x 44 sachets

Retail Price in Japan: JPY2,940

JAN Code:  4979654025560

Made in Japan


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