Orobianco - Hair Care series (Shampoo & Conditioner)

Orobianco - Hair Care series (Shampoo & Conditioner)


As if enjoying the vintage wine with the one you love, spend the gorgeous time for your hair, culminated by the collaboration between the Italian artisan and Japanese sensitivity. 


Featuring TRICLOCARBAN as its "active ingredient" for this medicated MUST item, gentle and "eloquent" foam takes care of hair which calls for tenderness and poetry, with a subtle scent of Italian red wine. It's Orobianco. To give life to hair and your soul, this non-silicon shampoo and conditioner, while removing the surplus sebum from the deep pores and preventing itchiness and bacteria, would prepares for the scalp for the healthy and youthful hair to grow.


Also featuring "efficient" ingredients such as Persimmon Tannin extract, Green Tea extract, TREHALOSE, BENTONITE. Feel the abundant foams, taking care of your hair, which deserves first-class treatment.


Retail Price in Japan: JPY2,625

Made in Japan


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