Milp - Hair care Series

MILP - Shampoo, Treatment, and Hair Pack - 


Towards the exquisite hair, so natural and healthy, and taking care of the damaged hair with a variety of nutrition while cleansing with non-silicon shampoo.



  With almost elastic dense foam, this non-silicon shampoo cleanses hai to scalp thoroughly.

  Also containing a variety of minerals for health hair.



  Featuring ingredients derived from milk as well as raw collagen,

   providing nutrition  to the hair while repairing its fabric damages.


<Hair Pack>

   Realizing the luxury of exclusive beauty salon into this hair pack for nourishing

   the healthy smooth hair and preventing the damages to the sensitive hair.



  <Shampoo> <Treatment> <Hair Pack>

Volume : 

350ml 350g 200g
Retail Price in Japan : JPY1,980 JPY1,980 JPY1,980
Product Weight: 410g 405g 280g
Jan Code:  4582193452973 4582193462989 4582193452973

Made in Japan

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